Special Events


Friday September 15th 

Ludos 17th Anniversary Dance 

Come Join the Celebration!!

Dance  "WORKSHOP" and Dance Social


All Fridays are $20 Specials including both

Workshop & Social

or $15 separately.


 Ludo is Teaching Interm. & Adv. Hustle 7:00

(Some steps are New York walk &

New Jersey walk, Shadow turns & more)


Jim Reitter from swingdanceplus.com

Teaching Int. & Adv.

West Coast Swing 7:45

some steps are

(Madison walks, double left spin w/heal turn & more) 


(Unforturnitly because of Hurricane Irma, Diane Nardone is dubious on making it

on Friday she is on her way to Florida to check her family home)



Wednesday:7:00 Beginner Country 2 step and Line dances

8:00 California mix Dance Party in September 

(West Coast Swing, Hustle, with some East Coast Swing,

Night Club 2 Step, Country 2 Step, Waltz, SALSA, Cha Cha and Tango).

(Registration text or calls 201-738-7871)


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