Welcome to Ludo's Ballroom!

 93 OLD ROUTE 28  WHITEHOUSE NJ 08888  908-534-0004  ludosballroom@hotmail.com  

Thank you all for coming out and celebrating  

LudosBallroom 17th Anniversary Dance last Fri. (Great fun)

 If you want to continue learning the Fridays Sept15th dances 

Come join us on  Tuesday nights at 8:15 for Hustle or

Come join us on Wed. night 8:00 for West Coast Swing


Sept. 22 This Friday's Workshop Lessons

Cha Cha and Rumba with

Rhythm Champion   Galina Nikitina


All Fridays are $20 Specials including both

Workshop & Social

or $15 separately.


 Galina is Teaching Intermediate 

Cha Cha 7:00


Intermediate Rumba at 7:45

(steps with style)


Jim Reitter from swingdanceplus.com

Teaching Foundation Cha cha 7:00

Foundation Rumba 7:45


Workshop lessons from 7pm to 8:30pm

 All levels  will be taught

Workshop & Social From 7:00 to 11:00  $20


Dance Social or Practice only

8:30 to 11:00 $15 (ask about Socials savings)

Dance Host Available

(Check out Weekly Lessons and Practices below)




 Monday 7:30 Ballroom Mix,

 Monday 8:15 Latin Dances with styling.

 Styling groups must call to register or text # 201-738-7871


Tuesday: 7:30 E.C. Swing, Jitterbug & Lindy Hop  

Tues: 8:15 Rhythm & Latin 

(Registration Tuesday Groups text or calls 201-738-7871)


Wild West Wednesday

 Wednesday:7:00 Beginner Country 2 step and Line dances 

8:00 California West Coast Swing 

(Registration text or calls 201-738-7871) 


Thursday: 7:30pm Quickstep 

Thursday:  8:15 Ballroom Mix Beginner 

(Registration text or calls 201-738-7871)



Great Back to School  Adult Specials for

Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced 

Lessons will be available from a number of great professional teachers 

throughout the coming weeks.

If leaving a message speak slowly please

908-534-0004 or text 908-531-3223


Lessons in 

Slow dancing, Night Club, Foxtrot. 

West Coast Swing,

East Coast Swing and LIndy Hop

Hustle, Latin- ( Salsa, Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Merenque)

and Ballroom dances - (Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz, Quickstep, V. Waltz


STUDENTS: Guest Specials available

Do you know someone who would benefit from dance lessons,

 Like going to a Wedding, getting Married, going on a cruise,

a Reunion or just for Fun and Exercise.

Text or Call for more info 908-531-3223




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